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Choosing Your Homes Window Frame Materials

The window frame material you choose for your new replacement windows is another influencial choice when selecting new windows for your home. The window frame material impacts the price, style, durability, energy efficiency, and mainenance requirements for your new windows, so it's important to understand your options. When deciding on the material you would like for your new window frames, there is not a 'best' material, only frames that best suite your needs. Deciding which factors are most important to you is crucial as every material has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood window frames are a classic choice that still offers the most warm and welcoming aesthetic appeal. However, wood frames also require the most mainenance, are relatively expensive, and will degrade faster over time.  Vinyl frames are less expensive than wood window frames and require little to no maintence but may not provide the style you are seeking. 

If your interior frame requirements are at odds with what you'd like to see on the outside of your home, hybrid windows may be the perfect choice for you. Combine the sturdy durability of vinyl windows on your exterior with the classic look and feel of wood window frames on the interior of your home. 

Vinyl Window Frames

PRICE: Vinyl windows are by far the most affordable window frame option.

STYLE: Vinyl can be made to match almost any style, however, as vinyl is not painted it can be more limiting than other option.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Production quality and installation are key. Ensure thermal chambers, super spacers, and wise glass choices are made for maximum efficiency.

DURABUILITY: Properly made and installed vinyl windows are durable enough for almost any desired function. Beware of cheaper options as they can suffer in durability.

MAINTENANCE: Vinyl windows are not painted and made from resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) so they require a minimum amount of maintenance.

Wood Window Frames

PRICE: Wood windows are typically the most expensive option for renovation-grade window frames.

STYLE: Wood gives that natural look that can be painted or stained to match almost any homes style.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Wood is a natural insulator but also tends to deteriorate quicker than other frame materials overtime.

DURABUILITY: Wood is a naturally durable material but can come up short on durability when compared to some of the more recent innovations in frame materials. 

MAINTENANCE: Wood is all about aethetics and the tradeoff comes in maintenance. Wood windows will need to be propoerly maintained every few years.


Wood Interior with Aluminum Exterior

PRICE: Any window frame that boasts the natural beauty of wood window frames will typically be more expensive than their vinyl counterparts.

STYLE: Warm and traditional wood on the interior with sleek contemporary aluminum on the exterior. Best of both worlds.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Aluminum is a natural conductor of heat, however with the natural insulation of wood frames, these windows will keep your energy bills low.

DURABUILITY: The aluminum exterior protects the less durable wood interior, making these windows stand the test of time.

MAINTENANCE: The aluminum will save you a lot of maintenance work on the exterior of your windows. The interior wood will require some maintenance over time.

Vinyl-Aluminum Hybrid Windows

PRICE: These versitile window frames are more expensive than all vinyl but less expensive than frames using wood. Middle of the pack.

STYLE: The vinyl interiors can be painted to match your home's decor and the sleek aluminum exteriors are sure to impress.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Properly produced and installed vinyl windows are very energy efficient. 

DURABUILITY: Both vinyl and aluminum are extremely durable materials and combining the two means no worries.

MAINTENANCE: These windows are virtually maintenance free. Painted vinyl can sometimes wear and tear over time, but don't expect to be spending much time or money on these frames once they are installed.

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